28. Obligation of registered dealer to inform changes after registration

(1) Where.-

(a) a registered dealer sells or otherwise disposes of his business or any part thereof, or

(b) there is any other change in the ownership of the business including any change in the status, or

(c) a registered dealer discontinues his business or changes his place of business or opens a new place of business, or

(d) a registered dealer changes the name or nature of the business, such registered dealer or, in case of his death his legal representative, shall within the prescribed time, inform the prescribed authority accordingly.

(2) Where,-

(a) a change of ownership of the business takes place on account of transfer of business from one registered dealer to another, the dealer succeeding to the business, or

(b) there is any change in the status of the ownership of the business, such registered dealer shall surrender the certificate of registration already issued in respect of the business and apply for registration afresh in the prescribed manner.

(3) On any application for amendment of a certificate of registration or upon his own motion, the prescribed authority may amend the registration certificate of a dealer or reject the application within thirty days of the date of receipt of such application, after making such enquiry as it deems fit and after giving the dealer the opportunity of showing cause in writing against such amendment or rejection.

(4) Any amendment of a certificate shall take effect from the date of the event referred to in sub-section (1) where applicable and in all other cases the amendment shall take effect from the date of application.

(5) Where any change in registration other than of death of the registered dealer is not reported to the prescribed authority within the prescribed time, it shall be deemed that no such change has occurred and the dealer as registered shall be liable to tax that is payable in respect of any business carried on.